Ep 2: On cannabis and adaptogens (Part 2)

Melani is a Cosmetic Chemist, and is the Founder of MC2 Industries. In Part 2, we talk cannabis and adaptogens: How does hemp oil benefit our skin, and how can our skin be able to defend against environmental pollutants in our everyday air? Melani Chong’s MC2 blog reveals a peek into what’s to come in the future of beauty and cosmetics.

Part 3: MC2 Beauty, dives deeper into Melani’s formulation process and it comes out tomorrow. See you soon!

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To find better

Why is it that were bought into thinking that we can’t take action to protect our environment, our health and wellbeing?

Maybe our urban cities have been so far removed from a non-wasteful lifestyle that it seems almost impossible to step away from a fast paced culture. That is, we’re speeding on the highway and there’s no sense in hitting the brakes when there’s nobody up ahead.

There’s no help in following everyone else when it doesn’t make sense for you.

On the other hand, there are just over a million things that can help us be more conscious of taking better care of ourselves, our health, and our futures. It just takes a deeper look to find, but there is the alternative.

The alternative is out there, and it’s better, more sustainable, and necessary for all of us.

Part 1: Foundations of a healthy building

Joel Anderson, architectural designer from Sustainable, discusses how buildings can reduce overall energy demand, be built with environmentally sensitive and responsible materials, and above all be healthy.

From the material sourcing, toxicity, safety, to disposal, Joel shares his architecture industry knowledge on how we can build healthier buildings for the long run.

This is part one of a three part series. Stay tuned for the next one, tomorrow!

Healthy building materials: Joel Anderson, architectural designer

Aesthetics and integrity

We tend to place a lot of value on the aesthetics of stuff.

Your new granite countertop looks great and I love how it matches the backsplash.

I love how your outfit looks on you.

The look of a new BMW Cabriolet looks a lot better than an 8 year old Toyota Corolla.

No doubt, looks serve an important role when it comes to presenting anything to anyone.

Recently I had a conversation with architectural designer, Joel Anderson from Sustainable, where they focus on building healthy architecture. What he revealed was that a big (and under appreciated) topic they bring up to clients is about insulation. Most houses use foam insulation in between our walls.

The thing about foam insulation is that it does not serve to be building blocks for a healthy home. What they prefer to use instead is insulation spun from rock called mineral foam. It’s much more energy efficient in use, healthier to install for workers involved, and it’s also more environmentally responsible than foam.

While it sounds great and all, many of us wouldn’t want to spend our working dollars on quality insulation. We’d rather spend it on a great looking countertop because it’s something everyone can visually appreciate.

Albeit not as loud and glamorous, integrity and health play the more soft spoken voice in our everyday lives.