Allow us to explain ourselves.

We are a sustainability project with a goal to create waves in awareness of both local and international environment issues. The goal? A better living world.

Longterm-ism: There has been no better time to think more sustainably than now. Though it can be hard to change people’s habits, we start by seeding ideas so that our community can become better leaders, stewards, and advocates of the environment in the long term.

Run by Toronto-based industrial designer Anna Peng, Double Cow is a project that brings forth aspects of design, community, learning, and sustainability. It started out in a classroom at OCAD University in downtown Toronto, where Anna spend a semester learning about the manufacture and production systems of materials, specifically leather. It is a highly toxic and labour-intensive process that third-world workers go through to tan leather, not to mention a huge polluter of communal waterways for families and children. Needless to say, the word has to get out because we could do better.

Blogposts and interviews get posted on this website, but you can also find us on Instagram, LinkedIn, FaceBook, and of course our little shop of sustainably made gifts on Etsy.

There is no email list to sign up for, nor a live community meet-up every week (yet!). All we ask for is for you to share and build on these ideas with your own network, and connect more dots so that we could do our jobs to create positive change.

If you are somebody who would like to get involved or have something to share with the Double Cow community, we would love to hear from you.

Send us a comment in the Contact page or send an email to hellodoublecow@gmail.com