We can all afford to live sustainably

Is living sustainably saved for the elite and the wealthy?

Debatable, and sometimes it may seem that way with all the new branded green beauty products, organic and farm fresh produce, waste-free containers, and so on.

Let’s not forget though that before the whole industrial revolution changed production for good, most people did live with less waste. And even before that in communities around the world, it was a natural part of their lifestyle to produce as little waste as possible. Were they rolling in cash? Probably not.

While our global circumstances have changed, living healthy, environmentally and economically conscious lifestyles is still completely possible. Just look at the endless possibilities vinegar, baking soda, salt, and some oils can bring into your home. Generally, basic produce and foods are cheaper and healthier than processed snacks and miscellaneous goods as well, so you could scratch that off your list.

What I’m saying is, if your excuse to not live a more sustainable lifestyle is because it is too expensive despite how much you want to, feel free to shoot me an email and maybe we could see what’s up!

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