More than 0 waste

Living a full zero waste lifestyle isn’t the only way to live sustainably. In fact I would argue it’s one of the more difficult ways to be sustainable, and is more likely to scare us away from doing anything at all, despite how much it’s “on trend” right now.

If you were serious about being environmentally conscious, you’d start off with a little bit of research. Make it relevant to you.

Research about the things you already own. Start off with your clothes: where were they made from? What kind of textile blends are they? What do they mean and where does it go afterwards?

Look into the fridge: Observe the amount of plastic that covers each item of food you have. Which country did your apples come from? How much effort did it take to grow your box of spinach?

What about your electronics? The bits of rare metals that come with each of our devices, laboriously mined in dangerous conditions, perhaps by minors who are exposing themselves to these environments for their living paycheque.

This is not a way of shaming or guilting one to change their habits, but rather an invitation to help each person get to know their own lifestyles more intimately and truthfully.

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