Climate emergencies

Is Toronto in a state of climate emergency too?

Maybe we could give environmental emergency a definition first: when the state of the environment is rapidly approaching or has approached a state in which human life is inhospitable, hazardous, or unhealthy to live in, due to natural, technological, and/or human-related reasons.

It’s difficult to see whether we would be in a state of climate or environmental emergency because the immediate evidence is always pushed away to distant places, where most people aren’t. 

Recently the municipal leaders of Kingston all agreed to declare a state of climate emergency. Toronto is in the same province as Kingston. Toronto and Kingston are just a little over 2.5 hours apart. World renown scientists have been bringing this issue up for years. When will the Torontonian government be able to follow suit and take lead in this area, seeing that it houses the most educated and talent-dense cities of the province?

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