Nature has a voice

Virtually all the food we eat is grown one way or another using agricultural material, like water and soil. Unless all you eat is food made from lab environments, this should be important:

Yet if our agriculture-based life depends on the soil, it is equally true that soil depends on life, its very origins and the maintenance of its true nature being intimately related to living plants and animals. For soil is in part a creation of life, born of a marvelous interaction of life and nonlife long eons ago.

This bit from Silent Spring written by Rachel Carson, Al Gore, and Lois and Louis Darling, is what we need to understand life on earth, more specifically human life on earth.

What we put into our soil and how we treat it has a direct impact into the quality of food we grow, the animals that hide within it, and the insects that so much of our lives intrinsically depend on.

If the soil underneath our feet is being mistreated, nature will have no problem telling us to leave.

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