More tidying up

If we took all of our room’s belongings and locked it away, what would you want to bring back into your space within an hour? It shouldn’t be everything because most of us are hoarders in some way or form. It should however, be the things that you use on a daily basis.

Now that you have the foundational objects of your daily living space, what things would you want back within a few days? These things should be the things that you use every so often, either out of pleasure or necessity. You might not have a need to use all of these things. In fact, maybe you only want to bring back a few of them just to test the waters, to see if you could live with only one or two. These things are the second most important and appreciated things in your life that bring value to you.

Lastly, we have just about everything else. Just about everything else are the things that we can live without. Hypothetically speaking, if we forgot it in an empty parking lot we probably wouldn’t have remembered that it held a place in our lives in the first place.

Clutter is sometimes the bane of our lives and it feels so good to let things go.


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