The Bare Market

The Bare Market in Toronto is small, but a remarkable team that get people outside and excited about the reducing waste. It’s a pop-up market that sells home and beauty products in loose amounts, where crowds willingly bring empty containers from home to fill them up again (see here for reference).

To many people, this might seem rather odd.

Why would anybody bring used containers to buy new product? Why can’t you just buy the normal packaged version at the other store?

It makes complete sense for one crowd while seeming almost outlandish for another.

The Bare Market doesn’t stand with the status quo and its shoppers are riding the wave against it too. In due time, there could be many more that follow along a revolutionized branch of the system that the Bare Market is currently operating with (see here for reference).

P.S. not an advertisement of the Bare Market, but just been inspired by what they do so I had to write out my excitement.

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