This meal has a voice

It might sound silly, but food has a way of speaking. The food that we eat is a connection to our identities, social values, beliefs, and health.

Why some people receive allergic reactions when they hear the word “vegan”, or why there are varying tiers of price ranges attached to foods when we go to different restaurants, is because foods have personality and a certain reign over our bodies.

Sometimes when we get sick, it’s because of a certain food we’ve eaten and it’s telling us warning signs.

Other times, it takes the form of a health condition and this is the way your food is telling your body to stop eating so much of it.

Why you should “listen” to your food is because it plays such a huge role in our lives. Everybody eats food, and we eat large amounts of food around three times a day sometimes with more food in between.

If you eat, remember to listen to your food once in a while.

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