The milkman that everyone is talking about

When the milkman delivers your daily glass of milk in the morning to your front door, you return the empty glass to the door for it to be collected again the next day.

Materials are gathered and are prepared for reuse. Especially useful for the things we consume every day: food, toilet paper, shampoo, clothing, furniture, soap, you name it. The milkman model goes against the throwaway culture many of us grew up with, and it makes sense on an environmentally conscious level.

The counter effects of the milkman model for our everyday things would be less demand for physical grocery stores/drugstores. This would come closer to the end of brick-and-mortar shops, and a pivot in the use of space within retail real estate.

A lifelong subscription to our everyday essentials might very soon become our reality given our current state in technology and the environment. If this is true, we’ll have to start asking different sets of questions to solve a different set of problems regarding human physical and emotional health amongst other things.

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