Is our education future-proof?

The idea of education in our society is to help foster and develop the next caretakers of our world. We should keep asking ourselves:

  • what can we currently teach children so that they can help continue to innovate and grow our world for the greater good?
  • Who do we need in the future to solve complex problems and critique our issues?
  • How can we let students be greater leaders in a physical place we call school?

Instead of keeping the same systematic approach to schooling for years and years, the material we teach as well as the way they are taught should be continuously evolving to match the current contexts of our society (we can’t forget this Ontarian decision on sexual education).

The times ahead are going to be run by those who are students who are still in our elementary schools. They probably don’t give this much thought, but we’re the ones who are passing down our knowledge so–are they learning or just pleasing teachers?


For more related to this topic, I’d highly recommend Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams

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