The problem with upcycling (or downcycling)

“And all that effort has only succeeded in postponing the usual fate of products by a life cycle or two. The rug is still on its way to a landfill; it’s just stopping off in your house en route.” written in Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart.

This is why your recycled goods are okay, but not good enough. Because these goods will be delivered to the pile of all-things-manmade regardless of your good intentions.

On an environmental front, is the answer then, to dematerialize our lives? To make sure the things we buy come from non-toxic, healthy, ethical environments, that are constructed with quality to ensure a durable life, and to ensure we design things that make sense? After all, the last thing we need is another plastic-wrapped hard shell coconut.

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