Sustainability is a long term game

Sustainability isn’t all about the environment. Sustainability is about keeping things running, making things and systems that run better, to serve the people, to evolve, change, and pivot for the greater good so that we can live lives in the long run.

To create a sustainable place to live is to live lifestyles that take care of our surroundings. It takes kindness, compassion, consideration, and cleanliness to live sustainably. This is why simply owning an electric vehicle isn’t enough, why buying a dishwasher with an “eco” function isn’t enough, why refusing to buy meat isn’t enough, why planting a few trees along the roads isn’t enough—but it’s a great start.

It takes cooperation across multiple facets that run a city to ensure sustainability, but not everyone will want to join the train immediately. This is why we should appreciate the mothers out there who refuse disposable diapers for their babies despite it being less convenient, the ones who bring their own straws and cutlery so they don’t have to use their plastic disposable alternatives, or the ones who provide and support local production of goods. It’s a small act, but they’re the ones that are advocating for longevity in an urban setting.

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