“Even if I wanted to, how are we ever going to make a difference at all?”

We’re not super smart, we don’t have a deep knowledge of how the world works, and the world is so big, even if I wanted to, how are we ever going to make any difference at all?

This is how we get stuck, and why we don’t pursue what we want to. I’ve heard many friends, myself included, say the exact same thing, and now I’m here to think otherwise.

A few months ago, I started some research for a school project about sustainability and upcycling materials. What I learned, is that we produce more waste than we think we do, and many small companies are now working with the waste that we abandon just so that less material ends up in landfills and around the earth in oceans.

What if those companies never existed? What if their founders stopped at just the idea, and never started anything out of it?

People are active beings. We like to know, to think about stuff, and create things with our hands, to innovate, and be social. Nobody likes to do nothing.

Thinking that you won’t make a difference is because you haven’t already done anything to support what you care about. And once you’ve got the ball rolling, you won’t want to stop.

If you want to make a difference, figure out what a “difference” means to you. What are the things that you value and care about? Do a little googling about those things to find out what other people are doing about it, and to make yourself think what you could be doing differently.

Change never starts as a huge tidal wave. We have to slowly build momentum as tiny ripples first.

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