A more sustainable mindset

Sustainability is a huge word that’s being thrown around everywhere, but what does it actually mean?

To sustain is to keep up matters at hand. Generally, a sustainably-labelled product gives the product itself a heavier tie to the environment because of the way it was produced, as sustainably created products are meant to use less resources than the typical version of that product. An environmentally sustainable company should seek means to learn about the ways that they impact the environment as a business, and also work to make themselves less prone to wastage and excess.

On a personal level, sustainability should be about reduction. Many of our physical belongings are not practical nor are they important to our well-being. So why do we have them in the first place? Because it was just convenient, free, or on impulse, and that in itself is a very powerful thing. It’s why so many of us have things we don’t need and end up throwing out anyways.

A lot of corporations weren’t designed to be sustainable. School curriculums weren’t designed to help their students develop a strong understanding of a sustainable lifestyle. Big brands are just beginning to catch onto what it means to consider the resources they use.

Sustainability as a mass mindset is still in its baby phase, but we can all start by taking a look at ourselves first. What do you absolutely need to keep yourself satisfied, and how many of your current belongings are not on that list?

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